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Temporary Wall, Variante di Zogno, Italy

In November 2020, Collini Lavori Spa had to install a retaining wall with micropiles, as part of the permanent works required to stabilise the slope cut and safely widening the new road. Due challenging site topography, remote access and tight space, a temporary wall was required to allow micropiles operations.  

Tailor Engineering provided temporary works design services for a geosynthetic reinforced soil wall capable to support the piling rig during access and installation.  

Variable geological stratification, complex geometry with steep crest and toe slopes and heavy loading machine were some of the challenges Tailors' had to consider. The temporary wall was designed as a customized solution with a reduced footprint to achieve an overall face angle of 79 degrees, and a maximum height of 6.2 m.

Image of Tailor-engineering
Image of Tailor-engineering

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