Improving your project performance

Improving your project performance

Selecting the right system to enhance performance and safety.

Experts at your service

Experts at your service

Our international experience offers our custumers the most effective solution.

Address the unexpected

Address the unexpected

We are able to address unexpected application outcome issues, product performance and emergency response needs.

Tailor Engineering is an international independent Geosynthetics & Geotechnical Engineering Consultancy.

Tailor Engineering is a specialist consultancy. Your partner for tailor-made and customized solutions.


Solve complex problems with quality, thus effective value engineering solutions.


Bridge the gap that geosynthetics and geotechnical organisation might have with engineering consultants and contractors.

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There are many commercial products and suppliers in the geotechnical and geosynthetics market. It might be difficult sometimes to understand the technical merits of various systems. We offer independent advice to assess the most beneficial and suitable system for your specific project.

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We offer support to engineering consultants, contractors, other stakeholders and even to producers.


Our Expertise

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutEmbankment Over Soft Soils, Over Piles or Voids

    Embankment Over Soft Soils, Over Piles or Voids

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutReinforced Soil Slopes and Walls

    Reinforced Soil Slopes and Walls

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutGround Anchors and Soil Nailing

    Ground Anchors and Soil Nailing

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutSoil Stabilisation and Pavement Reinforcement

    Soil Stabilisation and Pavement Reinforcement

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutGround Improvement

    Ground Improvement

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutLandfill and Environmental Protection

    Landfill and Environmental Protection

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutLakes and Artificial Basins

    Lakes and Artificial Basins

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutTunnelling and Underground Mining

    Tunnelling and Underground Mining

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutSewage and Sludge Dewatering  

    Sewage and Sludge Dewatering  

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutHydraulics and Coastal Works  

    Hydraulics and Coastal Works  

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutGeohazards Mitigations

    Geohazards Mitigations

  • Tailor-engineering icon aboutElectrokinetic and Slope Reinstatement  

    Electrokinetic and Slope Reinstatement