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7,700 kJ RPE, Variante di Zogno, Italy

Tailor Engineering's design and consultancy services were used again by Collini Lavori Spa for this 7,700 kJ RPE at Cantiere Nord, Variante di Zogno, Val Brembana, Italy.


Image of Tailor-engineering
Image of Tailor-engineering

This RPE (Rockfall Protection Embankment) has a length of approx. 80 m and total height of 4.5 m. It was designed to resist a rock mass impact of 7,700 kJ thus an impact velocity of 25 m/s. The RPE is designed as back-to-back 70 degrees reinforced soil slope, with medium grade strength geogrids.


A new design method was developed to assess the geosynthetic reinforcement behavior and the dissipation energy in case of a not perpendicular block impact.

Over the RPE, it was also placed and secured a 3,000 kJ capacity dynamic rockfall protection barrier.

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